Code of Ethics

Vancouver International Halloween Festival Society represents the highest standard in charitable service, and, as such, volunteers and professionals must represent our organization with the highest of ethical standards. I understand that the following should guide my conduct in all endeavors:

  • I will make every effort to value inclusiveness and ensure fairness, objectivity and truth in all my internal and external contacts. I represent Vancouver International Halloween Festival Society in all that I do.
  • I will strive to protect confidentiality at all times, whether it is related to personnel matters or organizational information.
  • I will strive to set an example to other non-profit organizations by my high standards of performance and professionalism.
  • I will strive to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest that could harm the reputation of our organization and undermine the public trust in UWCI.
  • I will not use VIHFS resources for personal gain, nor will I accept a significant favor or gratuity for serving as a member of the Board of Directors.